Scratch Built Wracks

| Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | |
So... I'm cheap. I'll pay the money for something I feel is worth the cash, but the Privateer Press Wracks are a bit pricy for a glorified stick. So, I raided my old Reaper figs, busted out my pinning set, nippers, files, and went to town.

The figs used are (from left to right):
  • 65002 (or 2749) Jade, Dancing Girl by Werner Klocke
  • 2760 Jalinrix, Female Devil (as bits, this is 2760A) by Tim Kaufman
  • 2741 Nymph (as bits, this is 2741A) by Werner Klocke

    I just bent the arms/feet/legs into the position I needed with my fingers (gently). Jalinrix is the easiest to work with (if you don't care if they all look the same, this is the best one to use).

    The wracks are just spare bits and pieces of sprue, pinned with brass rod and glued with superglue. The "rope" is just common everyday black thread (black so that you get free "shading" in the recesses).

    The bases are Litko Aerosystems 40mm wooden rounds. Then I added a washer and a small nut (the washer and nut provide weight and counterbalance the tall structure). Into the nut, I shoved the bottom of the Wrack post. Then I put on Liquitex Ceramic Stucco (GREAT STUFF FOR BASES I LOVE IT) and smoothed it with my finger.

    The rest is paint. The "wood grain" is done with a darker shade of paint (I believe I used the Reaper MSP bone triad - Aged Bone and Bone Shadow). The Hair is Reaper HD Yellow. The Skin is Rosy Flesh Highlight. The Violet Red and Gold is the same as I have been using for Menoth. Then I dipped them in Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone.

    I'm going to add Dullcote and some flags or banners next dangling from the crossbar.

    Total cost... zero (well, all this stuff was lying around already not being used so I don't count the price).

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