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Why yet ANOTHER blog?

Metroplex Warjacks was started for a couple of reasons...

  • Blogs are awesome. They promote your hobby. Quite often, blogging about your hobby also helps you stay focused on it. While you might not sit down and paint X/Y/Z miniature on your own if you're tired/burned out/etc... if you're in the habit of blogging your progress and other folks are there to encourage you... you might just suck it up, get'er done, and show it off.
  • Blogging solo blows. Blogs take a crapton of work to promote and maintain. Doing all that by yourself is possible... but why not just get all your buddies to help out? When you're not able to update the blog because of X/Y/Z reason... maybe Joe, Bob, Tim, or Ted can help out. The readers get new content and the effort spent to promote the blog helps out several guys at the same time. It's a win-win.

    What's the deal with this one?

  • Focus - This is a blog for Privateer Press's Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms RPG. It covers all aspects of those hobbies (miniatures, tabletop rules, RPG, paint, terrain, dice, conventions, tournaments, etc. etc.). To a lesser degree is also covers the Steampunk subculture as well (fashion, music, gadgets, etc.). All are possible topics for this blog.
  • Regional - It is also intended to be a regional blog. The contributing authors are all in the North Texas Metroplex area (or were at one time and moved away). By Metroplex we mean Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton (also known as "The Golden Triangle") and surrounding cities/counties. We want to promote local games, local stores, and the local scene and have fun doing it.
  • Chill out and be cool - While one poor slob had to start it and some of the stuff has to have an "owner" ... this blog is intended to be like a commune (y'all Khador players shush). Simply put; blog about the hobby, don't be a douche, have fun with it.

    I'm in the area, can I hang my hat here too?

    Heck yeah, just contact us (join the Google mailing list or message us via a comment or something). We're allowed to have up to 100 contributing authors so we've got plenty of room.

    Well what if I have my own blog?

    Up to you pard. You want to author here as well, we can do that. You want us to link to your blog, we can do that too. Let us know.