The Mother land calls all its sons and daughters

| Wednesday, June 29, 2016 | |
Yep its Mk III time and I figured I would start off with a new army.  I've always wanted to play Khador, my first army  in Mk 1 was the old version of this starter set.  I just didn't have anyone to play against so it got sold long ago.

Texas Toy Soldier is starting a Journeyman League on the 11th of July so I thought I would jump on that.  Between this starter box, and being able to pick up a copy of the Khador vs Menoth starter box at around 50% off I've got a good amount of Khador to start with and two casters right out of the gate.

I'll try to post some of the adventures in MK III as I go, since I noticed its been over a year since we've posted here.

Keep your eyes open for more updates.


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