Matt & Chris - Menoth v Cryx

| Thursday, June 30, 2011 | |
So, Wednesday night rolls around and we migrate back to Reaper. Matt and I faced off -- My Cryx against his Menoth (and his Shrinky-Dink tokens). Many thanks to everyone there for answering our many questions.

With Menoth peanut gallery (and photos) this time! - MR

Turn 1 - Simple movement, our models get to stretch their legs, but no-one quite gets in range.

Turn 2 - I get some of my models into combat range and do superficial damage to his Crusader. I aim one of my bane thralls at a rack near his Repenter, but don't quite get there. I also fail to engage the Repenter. My bonejacks take a couple of shots, but don't accomplish much. Menoth proceeds to show me what happens when you don't engage a model with a spray, and crisps most of my half-unit of bane thralls. The Crusader rips an arm off my Slayer, and the Revenger thumps my Nightwretch, leaving him without a cannon.

Turn 3 - The Defiler sprays sludge all over the Revenger (minor damage), pKreoss (moderate damage), and one of the Choir (there went the top tenor). pKreoss responds by knocking over everyone in range (the only exception was my Necrotech), and backing off out of range.The Crusader turned my poor Slayer into a wreckage marker and finishes off my bane thralls, and moved into range to threaten pDeneghra. The Revenger finished off the Nightwretch.

The damage on pKreoss would come into play later! - MR

Turn 4 - pDeneghra Withers everyone in range. I Ghost Walk my Defiler into Sludge Cannon range of pKreoss, and miss him. Everyone else (that's left) spends the turn standing up. Because of the Withering (-2 to everything is SUCH a pain!), Menoth has a harder time hitting, but manages to munch my Defiler down to just movement points.

Yeah... Withering SUCKED. Well timed sir, well timed. - MR

Turn 5 - My scrap thrall gives the Repenter a BIG HUG, and then blows up. The resulting blast does minor damage to the Repenter, but kills off the Vassal who's been hiding behind him all this time. My Necrotech engages the Repenter and accomplishes absolutely nothing -- beyond engaging him. The Repenter kills off the Necrotech.

Turn 6 - Desperation time. pDeneghra is my only functional unit (yes the Defiler can still head butt, let's be realistic here). I Ghost Walk pDeneghra into range of pKreoss. This puts her 3/4 inch away from the Crusader. If this doesn't work, he'll pound her into the ground on his turn. She sprays Venom on pKreoss, and kills him off.

Indeed! This is why we play dice games, you rolled extremely well and was able to pull off an improbable win. I think you needed like 8s and 9s on 2 dice. It was awesome, very cool! - MR

Lots of fun for all


The WildFerret Says:
June 30, 2011 at 8:35 AM

How many points are you guys running for right now up there? 15?

The WildFerret Says:
June 30, 2011 at 8:38 AM

By the way... I'll be going up to Reaper next Wednesday... who wants to help out the Old Newb? ;)

Matt Ragan Says:
June 30, 2011 at 8:42 AM

Now with peanut gallery comments and pictures! We just did 16 point Duel. It's all the points I own presently. I'm working on 25 but that'll be down the road.

Chris Says:
June 30, 2011 at 8:50 AM

About that. I think this one actually worked out to 16.

The WildFerret Says:
June 30, 2011 at 8:53 AM

Okay cool... i think I can scrounge up 15 points of Mercs for this upcoming Wednesday... I could throw down 30 I think of Menoth if I cared ;) hehe

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