Dipped Menoth Choir

| Monday, June 20, 2011 | |
So, I took the weekend to be self-indulgent and get some painting done. I bought two blisters of Choir at Area-51 on my way home on Friday and decided to use them as guinea pigs for dipping.

The painting itself was mostly the same as my first test model. The difference is that, Mad Pat observed that the Violet Red was kinda patchy on my light warjacks. So I used Reaper HD series Entrail Pink as a basecoat. Then I put the Violet Red over that. Worked great. I love the HD series for these speedpaint jobs. The skin is Reaper Master Series Rosy Flesh Highlight.

The first one was done with Army Painter Quick Shade Soft Tone, the middle was Strong Tone (same company), and the last one was done with MinWax Polyshades Walnut (Antique Walnut Satin IIRC)*.

* I should note that the MinWax was rubbed down with a Q-Tip to remove the excess dip while it was still wet from the "Skirt" of the mini. Otherwise it would look almost brown instead of how it looks now.

I liked the Army Painter Strong Tone so much, I did the "officer" with it.


  • Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone - For Menoth I think I like this for everything except the skin and the gold. So I think if I stick with Army Painter Soft Shade I'll just quickly hit the skin and gold with Chestnut Wash before the dip.

  • Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone - Overall... AWESOME! It just makes the Menoth "white" clothing a bit too dark. A quick drybrush after the dip would probably fix this right up, right before the Dullcote.

  • MinWax Polyshades Antique Walnut - This was really, really dark. Takes longer to dry than Army Painter but it worked fine. There's more "pigment" in MinWax than Army Painter Quickshade. What I mean by this is that Army Painter Quickshade "lightens" and becomes more transparent as it dries. The MinWax really doesn't do this. If it looks too dark wet, it's too dark. HOWEVER - If you use Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone, I think the MinWax is probably a cheaper option for you.

    Overall: I think Army Painter Strong Shade is actually worth the money... hard as it is to admit.

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