Menoth Test 1

| Saturday, May 28, 2011 | |
Here's a Crusader from my Menoth Battlegroup. Experimental "quick job" method 1.

  • Primer White
  • All areas that will be metal, painted black (Reaper MSP #09037 Pure Black)
  • Gold is Reaper MSP #09050 Antique Gold (drybrushed)
  • Silver is Reaper MSP #09053 Honed Steel (drybrushed)
  • The "Maroon" is Reaper MSP #09026 Violet Red brushed thin over white primer

    Then I "dipped it" in Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone. Specifically, I brushed the quickshade on with a brush (then cleaned up with Mineral Spirits). When I dipped it, there was waaaaay too much shader and it ruined the "white" of the base primer.

    From Metroplex Warjacks

    * Note this photo the quickshade is still drying and I have not sprayed it with Dullcote.

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