Starting up... again...

| Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | |
So many years ago a small group of us got together to play this cool new skirmish game called... Warmachine... neat steampunk miniatures game. Loved it... had a blast, life happens and fell out of playing it.

Fast forward about 8 years.

With the recent grumblings and catch 22s with GW I decided to get back into Warmachine. Loved playing it all those years ago so why not. Mk 2 is out and there seems to be interest almost everywhere you look. I go digging out my menoth army and my Rhulic Mercenaries.

I sit there and think "I wonder which of these are still valid."

My surprise that they all are. They still look the same as well. Sure the cards are different and the rules are different, but 90% of my "startup" expense is no longer an issue. How cool is that?

So now I have Gorten and his 'Jacks sitting on my Painting table getting redone. I'll post up some pics as I go along to share in my misery/joy. I'm glad Privateer Press is still doing good by it's customers. So much so that I have directed friends towards Warmachine and Hordes over GWs mainstay systems.

I'm also tempted to really look at FoW again... but shhh, don't tell Gorten ;)


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