Steampunk Friday - Cheap Goggles Project Part 2

| Friday, August 26, 2011 | |
Welcome back! One thing I forgot to mention, you'll want to buy some Mineral Spirits (at wal-mart or something over in the paint department). That will make cleanup easy.

Anyway, on with the tutorial.

Here we see the goggles with a drybrush of Reaper MSP Chestnut Brown. If you roughed up the surface with sandpaper and used black primer, this will go very very quickly.

Next image is with a drybrush of Reaper MSP Honed Steel. Note that I've given the goggles a fake leather and metal effect by the use of paint. It works on your Warmachine minis, why not goggles too!

Here we put on the Rub N Buff. For photo purposes I used Silver. You just put a tiny amount on your finger and rub it on the screw-on lens caps and the vent hole covers. Don't be stingy. When it dries fully (maybe 20 minutes, say 1 hour to be sure) you just buff it with a small piece of scrap cloth or a paper towel and it'll start to shine like metal.

FYI - Clean up your finger and any spills by pouring out a little Mineral Spirits in a cup (or the lid of the Mineral Spirits jug) and wash your hands with it. Then when the wax is gone, just wash with soap and water to take off the Mineral Spirits. Easy.

Here we see the finished product on my derby. The gold one is mine, the silver one is my wife's. The lenses were replaced with some 50mm discs I had Litko cut for me from their transparent acrylic plastic options. I just emailed him for a quote. The silver has "Fluorescent Blue" and mine were made using the "Transparent Bronze."

And here's me wearing my gold accent goggles with my derby (with my facial hair I've been growing for fun).

Super easy. I spent maybe 15 minutes (tops) painting the goggles once the primer was dry, not counting time waiting on the wax to fully harden. Hope this gives you ideas for your own first goggles.

This now concludes my Electrocypherscript Aetherlog entry; direct to your personal omnifunction visoscopic difference engine from my lab.


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