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| Monday, August 1, 2011 | |
Well I've done something I told myself I'd never do again.  I signed up for a tournament event with out first finishing the army.  Heck none of the proposed forces are even finished at this point.  So I have until August 27th to finish a 35 point Warmachine force.

The gang at Gunslinger Games are hosing a Wrath release event.  I will probably not win anything but I think it will be fun either way.  I had a chance at the Cygnar coin until the other three Cygnar players signed up.

I will be trying to keep track of my progress, as I don't think I'll be giving away any huge advantage to my opponents by posting my force here.  Simply because I can't afford to buy some of the uber units I'd like to play so I'll be fielding a single list all day made up of models I already have.  Coming from and still playing in the 40k world I'm still not used to the concept of multiple lists for an event, but there are actually a couple of soft score points for playing the same caster 5 games in a row.  So win for being cheap!

So keep your eyes peeled for more posts from the road to No Man's Land.


Bobby Jennings Says:
August 9, 2011 at 11:36 AM

There, there, Pat. It'll be fine.

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