Terrain: Barrels Simple Cover

| Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | |
So I was at Michaels over the long weekend and remembered reading on Blitzbattles about some simple terrain he built.

So, over in the wood toys/crafts I found a package of the smallest barrels they had. They cost $1.50 (approx.) for a single package which included 9 barrels.

Then I stained them with my basic wood stain: 1 part Sepia India ink to 2 parts water. Looking back, if I do this again I won't skip the bands. I'll just ink the whole thing.

Once mostly dry I drew lines on the barrels with a micron pen.

Then I painted the bands black. Poof! Done. Simple. Looks great. I did the entire batch of 9 barrels in roughly 30 minutes (that includes drying time).

Now I can glue these barrels to any other piece of terrain, use them as objectives, or glue them in stacks/lines as cover. Dirt cheap and super easy to do.


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