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Something I hear a lot from guys that are interested in Steampunk is "I don't want to make my own clothes" (or don't know how, etc. etc.) but "I don't want to pay too much." Here in Texas you also hear, "I'm afraid it'll be too hot."

This post is for guys that want something that looks very Victorian (or accurately Victorian). There are many other posts out there for how to modify modern clothes to make them "work" for Steampunk.

Well Victorian gentlemen... I have one possible answer. Most folks outside the big cities already know about Cowboy Stores (those places you go to buy boots) but may not know that a couple of companies serve the CAS/SASS market and make historically based (if not accurate) Victorian clothing. I came to Steampunk from Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). It's a shooting sport where you dress up like somebody from before the 20th century and shoot old fashioned guns.

Three of the better known are Wah Maker, Scully and Frontier Classics (my favorite). Wah Maker and Scully can sometimes be found at those big chain cowboy stores... but Frontier Classics is the one I think Steampunks should know about.

When my friend from England came to Texas for ReaperCon we went driving around Denton to get him some real spurs. We discussed how much he was paying for Victorian men's clothing and I directed him to my favorite online retailer company: Wild West Mercantile.

My personal favorite is the "Gunfighter" series. 100% cotton, historical patterns. Comfortable to wear all day for shooting in the Texas sun or just standing around looking good. Matching trousers (less than $40), vest (also less than $40), and optional coat (around $80). You'll need old style suspenders ($20 or less). Add a Derby/Top Hat an undershirt of your choice and you're ready to go. The picture above is actually me, in my Frontier Classics Gunfighter outfit ... I love my boots.

Intro Video to CAS/SASS


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