Slowly building steam

| Monday, September 17, 2012 | |
Yes I know its been awhile, and that I promised you updates.  The Ret army is slowing chugging along, with a new influx of models coming in the next week.  This new influx will take me up to where I can field a 50 point army!

On the Cygar side I picked up one of the new Heavy Jack kits, and its awesome.  Honestly looking at just the body last night I wished this one had come out long before I would have grabbed a bunch of these and built all my varients off of this one.

Here she is fully magnetized to run between the Avenger and Centurion.  I will end up building out the Hammersmith hands though I doubt it will take the field.  The only down side is the shield army droops down because of the weight of the shield.

Once I get some of the Ret finished up I'll get it posted here.


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